Fiona's offers a refined yet informal taste of Tuscany in the prestigious Saifi area of Beirut. With interiors designed featuring rustic wood, comfortable seating and a modern twist, and outdoor garden seating tucked away in the calm of Saifi, Fiona's is a distinctive and warm venue. The diverse Italian menu blends old time favorites with innovation and more luxurious dishes. Fiona's has an enchanting homey and elegant appeal.

The Lebanese clientèle is highly demanding, and expects high standards of service. With an upscale, yet casual service style, our service team at Fiona's professionally meets this expectation. Lebanon is renowned for its hospitality and Fiona's takes this to the height of welcoming charm.

The refined classic Italian food menu with a strong innovative twist is ideal for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Fiona's boasts a rich and flavorsome variety of breakfast delights; bruschettas; starters and antipasti; soups and salads that can be relished as a side dish or a meal; pasta and risotto; panini; chicken, meat and seafood dishes; cheeses and hams; luxurious dishes such as truffles and veal rib; desserts such as Fiona's famous home-style tiramisu; and mini sweet treats that go perfectly with afternoon tea.

Fiona's large drinks menu also features a wide variety of choice and distinction with specialty drinks; exclusive coffee blends; specialty hot chocolate drinks; cold drinks including flavored sodas, frappe coffees, soft drinks etc.; and a fine wine selection (local and international) with other types of liquor and alcoholic drinks including a large selection of wines ( where applicable )

Fiona's boasts indoor seating and quaint garden seating. The restaurant features a section dedicated to the sale of quality retail products (teas, flavored olive oil, olives, vinegar, gift chocolate baskets, mugs, hand-painted teacups. The restaurant is designed to reflect the spirit of a café in Tuscany, using warm wood and brick in conjunction with a variety of comfy seating: inviting communal table, chic chairs and benches, booth style tables, cozy banquettes and a customized long bar. And yet the distinct flavor incorporates local peculiarities.

the décor and furniture bring additional charm through design with a rustic, patina-ed look that attractively blends with the overall linear, clean, modern space. Antique-looking wood and oxidized sheet metal fuse with mirrors on the back wall, metal beams on the ceilings and plush seating. The variety of predominantly earth tone colors and rich textures for fabrics and the walls underline the homey' ambience and image that is uniquely Fiona's. The garden area further accentuates this with the natural feel inherent in its un-groomed greenery that beautifully contrasts against the wooden patio area and bamboo sofas and stylish metal chairs. Attention to detail can be found everywhere and is highly evident in the embossed Fiona's logo on chairs, menus and napkin holders and the homemade appeal of the handwritten menus.

Fiona is a warm, friendly, simple yet classy place for businessmen, friends, families and tourists to unwind while enjoying a memorable dining experience. It is envisioned as a living space restaurant, studio and place of relaxation. This homey restaurant is intimate yet spacey and has a recognizable ambiance that transports the diner's senses to the heart of Italy. The name itself speaks volumes as it reflects the passion of an Italian woman whose appetite for cooking fine and authentic Italian cuisine is her life. This all culminates in making Fiona's your heartwarming Italian home.

Located in the prestigiously central yet calm area of Saifi Village, Fiona's successfully caters to the Lebanese and tourist markets and this success is also linked to the specialist company backing it via the managing members who have over 20 years of collective experience in the
restaurant and food service industry. The production and service teams with extensive know-how and experience; excellent P.R. skills and reputation on the local and regional market; and solid, tested marketing strategies providing wide exposure to varied clientele, all work together to shape Fiona's into a unique, viable and lucrative operation.